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#4 Bored. Final Fantasy VI: Celes/Terra

Fandom: Final Fantasy VI
Title: An empty day
Author: Amona
Theme: #4 Bored
Pairing: Terra/Celes
Disclaimer: Not mine

An empty day

Swordpractice. She used to indulge in it every day. The one thing that she had unambiguously liked that the emperor had approved of. Sometimes she duelled with Leo, sometimes with several of her soldiers. The more of a challenge they offered, the more exhilarating it had been.

That had been years ago and most of them were long gone. She wasn’t and neither was her ability to handle a sword. It wasn’t really that exhilarating anymore though. There had been moments in which her adrenaline level had reached far higher levels than during those practices a few years back. Now she needed to find something else to make her feel as alive as she had then.

She absently let her fingers glide over the branch and its leaves as she stared in the distance. It was nice to have a moment for herself to spend in quiet. She was sitting on a bench Sabin had made for her, in front of the abandoned house she had moved into about a year ago. The grass felt pleasant at her feet, she had kicked off her shoes earlier. A few days ago she had completed training a group of people who Edgar had picked to be a kind of policeforce, to protect the law in Figaro. It had been a ragtag bunch, but all of the trainees had known her reputation and not tried to mess with her. In time, when they got used to the steady income and grew comfortable with the house they could buy with it, the family they would start, it would be a reliable force.

Of all the people she had journeyed with in the quest to save what was left of her world, Edgar was one she trusted least. It was not that she wouldn't trust him with her life in a fight, because she had done that several times, but she knew he would do anything for Figaro. It had been like that from the time she had been part of the empire. She trusted that he had good intentions, but she would always keep an eye on Figaro, to make sure it wouldn’t fill the vacuum of power the empire had left.

“Are you thinking about your training?”

She looked up. Terra was standing in front of her, her coat moving in the wind.

“Something like that.”

It didn't surprise her the girl had been able to sneak up on her. As always her hair was in a ponytail, a few strands of hair were undone. Terra still preferred to wear it like that. Celes though it suited her, gave her an elegance that she liked to look at.

"Did you stay at the orphanage?" Celes asked, regarding her as she came closer.

"No, I was in Narshe," Terra said, sitting down in front of her. "It's much warmer here."

"Best to take off the coat, or you'll be sweating soon."

"I'm fine," Terra said absently. "Do you mind if I stay for a day?"

"There are supplies enough," Celes said, shrugging. "Where are you going after this?"

Terra seemed to be in thought and Celes gave her a moment. Absently she stroked the green hair and undid the ponytail. Her hair was really soft and Celes enjoyed letting her hands go through it.

"Maybe you want to go to the orphanage?" Terra asked.

For a second Celes paused, then continued combing Terra's hair with her fingers. "Why would I go there?"

"Locke told me once that it's not good for people to live alone. They get lonely," Terra said.



"You think I'm lonely?" Celes asked, glad Terra couldn't see her face now.


"Are you lonely?"

"I don't live alone," Terra responded. "There are many people where I live."

"They're all younger than you. You feel you have to take care of them, but you can never come to them with problems. Even when you are with lots of people you can get lonely."

Terra was quiet for another moment. "Maybe that's true."

"So you want me to come because you're lonely yourself?"

"Aren't we both?"

It was a genuine question, not a rhetorical one. Celes played a bit more with her hair.

"Don't you like my questions?" Terra asked.

"I used to think your questions were strange," Celes said honestly. But I don't mind so much anymore."

"Will you come to the orphanage then?"

Celes gathered Terra's hair and made a new ponytail, then tugged a few strands loose, letting them fall in front of her eyes. "Yes."

When Terra turned around and smiled so happily at her, it was like a weight was lifted off her that she hadn't even known existed.

The end

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