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Amona Fresse

#5 Window. Final fantasy VIII: Rinoa & Squall

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Title: Reflection
Author: Amona
Theme: #5 Window
Pairing: Rinoa/Squall
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: Not mine


Selphie was a smart one, she should have thought of it herself actually. Rinoa had no idea how the girl had gotten the key-card to Squall’s office, but suspected Irvine had something to do with it. It had been a week since Squall had left for Timber to assess the situation, as he had called it.

Firemen on strike. It wouldn’t have been what SeeD would have been hired for say two years ago. But things changed.

Rinoa turned back and fort in Squall’s comfy chair and tapped her fingers on the wooden desk. She was wearing a nice little yellow dress that she had bought a few days ago. A few SeeDs in training had started a clothing shop near the training centre. It was more popular than even she had expected it would be.

It was a hot day and the sun was shining right in, but she had left the curtains open. It was good to have a bit of light in this usually so dark office. Squall would probably be there shortly, tired, but inside happy to see her. Rinoa grinned at her reflection in the window. The sex was always particularly good when they hadn’t seen each other for a while.

Her reflection grinned back and she was about to look at the door again, when suddenly the smile disappeared. Rinoa’s eyes widened. It wasn’t just the smile that had vanished, but her lips… her whole face!

Instinctively she brought her hand to her face. Everything was still there. She blinked and looked again. See! Just a trick of the light. There were her eyes and… But she hadn’t put on that much make-up, had she? And she wasn’t smiling now anymore. So how could her reflection…? And that glance in her eyes… so unfamiliar, but yet so natural. Like she was looking at someone she detested.

She jumped up from the chair, not even realizing how her breathing had quickened. She felt dizzy and tried to adjust her eyes to the light to look again.

“Are you all right?”

Squall was standing in front of him and forced herself to look at him instead of the window. “I think I jumped up too fast, but I’m fine,” she said, attempting a smile.

He gave her one of those careful looks that had made her notice him when they first met. “Are you sure?”

“Oh, stop nagging, how was my father?” she asked.

“He asked for you,” Squall said, not looking entirely without concern for her yet. “The house is being redecorated.”

“That’s nice…” she said vaguely. His eyes were still focused on her and suddenly she felt a little scared. What if he would see that murderous glance… in her eyes? Quickly she stepped forward to embrace him.

He put his arms around her and stroked the small of her back. It felt really nice. Then, for a moment, she looked at the window.

There was just the reflection of two people holding each other. Two people that she knew well; herself and Squall. It was like his presence had driven the reflection away.

Maybe Squall was the only thing that stood between her and whatever that was. She held him tighter.

The end.
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