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#1 Brother: PoT, Fujicest

Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Title: Home again
Author: Amona
Theme: #1 Brother
Pairing: Fujicest
Disclaimer: Unfortunately Prince of tennis is not mine, not even the Fuji boys.
Summary: Yuuta finds himself confused about his relationship with his brother

Home again.

His room was almost like he had left it last time. Only the ink stain in his carpet had faded. No doubt it has been his mother who had tried to clean it over and over again, but hadn’t succeeded entirely yet.

Yuuta sat down on his bed and sighed. It felt really good not to be in his dorm for once. No matter how nice St. Rudolph’s facilities were and no matter how nice his new roommate was, it was very relaxing to be in his own place for once. He took off his socks and lay down for a moment. The same scratch in the wallpaper that had been there since he had been young. His sister had told him a ghost had tried to pass through the wall, but that she had stopped him from doing it with a spell. He had been deadly afraid for months, waiting for the day the spell would no longer contain the ghost and he would burst into his room. That had been long ago that he stopped believing, but that scratch would never be just a scratch to him. It made him feel a little nostalgic somehow.

From downstairs came delicious smells. No doubt his mother and sister were cooking, doing their best to spoil him in the little time that they had them at home. It was very nice to see them too.

There was only one thing, person actually, that he wasn’t sure he was happy to have to see in this house. It was not like he argued with his brother so much as before, no, that had stopped almost completely. It was more that Syusuke, ever since he hit puberty, had started acting in a way that made Yuuta uncomfortable.

It was the way he would slowly and thoughtfully comb the strands of his hair. The fact that Syusuke carried a little mirror around in his bag to check on himself from time to time. It was also how he posed in front of the bigger mirror in the hallway when he checked his outfit. Sometimes Yuuta caught himself looking at him when he did this. It wasn’t his fault. If his brother wouldn’t act like that, he wouldn’t have to look.

He also hated it when his brother would make those stupid jokes in which he implied that he thought of Yuuta like his girlfriend. It was worse that he would do it in front of other people. Most would laugh a bit hesitatingly, feeling embarrassed for him perhaps. Some weirdo’s, like Inui-san from Seigaku, would actually think it genuinely funny. Stupid. Not only did it enforce everyone’s perception of Yuuta as Fuji Syusuke’s little brother, but it also made it seem like aniki was gay… or something.

He turned around on his bed and decided to think of other things. The upcoming tennis match with graduated seniors for instance, or the way Yamato-sensei would smile at him whenever he had a question right. But even on her and her shapely legs he couldn’t focus. Somehow memories of hanging out with his brother in this very room left him unable to concentrate on anything else.

He probably slept for a little less than an hour, but there was already twilight outside when he woke up. Yuuta rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms, not wanting to leave the comfort of his bed. Just when he was finally about to sit up upright, a hand touched his face. Immediately he sat up. He looked right in the blue eyes of his brother, who was sitting next to him on the bed. Had he watched him sleeping?

“Are you tired?”

Yuuta shrugged his shoulders. “I’m okay.”

“I see,” Syusuke said and smiled. “I didn’t know you would be here tonight.”

“Yeah, decided at the last moment,” Yuuta said, looking to the boy on his left. He was wearing a dark blue shirt that he had never seen before, but looked nice on him. It reminded Yuuta of another shirt that they had owned when he was about nine years old. Then they had been almost of the same length and they had taken turns wearing it in weekends. One Saturday Syusuke had already put it on, when Yuuta had suddenly, childishly, decided he wanted to wear it that day, even if he had worn it last week. Without a second of hesitation his brother had taken it off again and given it to him.

He noticed his brother was staring at him in that unnerving way. His sister had once told him Syusuke could read minds if he looked at you. Unlike the ghost story, he had never entirely stopped believing it.

“So, ehm, how is Seigaku?” he asked, just to say something.

His brother looked so happy that he was interested in him, that it hurt a little. Had he been so nasty to him over the last couple of years that even a question like that would make him smile as he did now?

“Everyone is fine, except Momo. He has some trouble with his wrist, but according to Oishi’s uncle he will be fine in a few weeks,” he answered. “How are you?”

“Fine,” he said, curtly as he had grown used to.

“I see, that’s good.” And then that smile came back, a fake one. It masked how much Syusuke wished they would at least not be enemies anymore.

And then Yuuta realized something. Syusuke had always been teasing him, even when they were very young. It was he who had changed, he who didn’t allow any other kind of interaction between them, but Syusuke’s teasing and his own yelling.

Instead of shifting further away as he was supposed to, he shifted closer. His brother, for once, seemed at a loss of what to do. This rare display of vulnerability made him feel more at ease. One more second he hesitated and then laid his head against his brother’s shoulder in much the same way as they used to do as children after a long day of playing tennis. He could feel the sudden tension in Syusuke’s body, the gasp that was held back.

“Maybe I’m a little tired after all,” he said softly.

And then his brother put an arm around his shoulder, using his hand to stroke through his hair soothingly. “I’m glad you came.”

The end


Finally couldn't resist my closet Fujicest love and wrote about them. Was actually a lot of fun to write from Yuuta's perspective for once.
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