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#2 Lawn: DBZ, Goku/Chichi

Fandom: DragonBallZ
Title: Just grass
Author: Amona
Theme: #2 Lawn
Pairing: Goku/Chichi
Disclaimer: Not mine

Just Grass

To Goku it had been just a lawn, something he could see from the window whenever he was eating or playing with his son. He had seen a planet blown up once. Millions of plants and animals obliterated with a single blast from a being that was simply powerful enough to do so. Even beings less powerful were still capable of destroying trees, mountains, complete ecosystems without even thinking twice about it. It was maybe because of this that he had never started caring much for what Chichi called her garden. To him it was still a field of grass, even though it wasn’t just grass living there.

There had been a tree, planted on the day Gohan had been born. His son had climbed thousands of times, hiding for his mother. There had been flowers, red ones, a few yellow and white. Maybe she had spend more time on caring for them than he had guessed. He never really quite knew what it was that she was occupied with whenever he wasn’t there.

She was standing in front of him, the rice she was cooking forgotten as she pointed a chopstick at him, threatening to pierce his eyes with it.

“I… didn’t mean to,” he said sheepishly.

“Of course not!” she yelled, her hand shaking. “That makes it even worse!”

“I don’t think Yamcha meant to let the lightshow fall exactly here, we were practicing on the hill and….”

“Oh, I see! Maybe next time you can blow up the house. Don’t give me a warning by any means, it might take away from the fun you guys would have,” she yelled.

He wanted to say something else, though he wasn’t quite sure what. He looked up only to see the chopstick was no longer pointing at his face. It fell on the floor, rolled back to Chichi’s feet and rested there. Her hands came to her face, hiding it from his view. She was crying.

“Chichi,” he started and made a single step in her direction. There was always the chance for another outburst, he knew from experience. It didn’t happen and he closed the distance between them. “I’m really sorry.”

When he embraced her, she let him. She snivelled near his ear as he held her, then used his shirt to blow her nose.

Still he kept on holding her. Until she would stop being so sad at least. Maybe next Friday they should go to one of those buildings were they sold things and buy new plants.

The end

Never expected that if I would write DBZ it would be this couple, but it was quite fun. Chichi would be great to write more about on as a main character.
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